Blogging website

Hi :grinning:

Thinking of building a Blogging website, but without things like Wordpress.
Looking for advice, links, examples …

Have used HTML, CSS, … some JavaScript and PHP (in the distant past)
Been learning jQuery. Actually started computing with COBOL.

I imagine it would need some tools, but would like to see how difficult it would be to “hard code”.

Any help appreciated.


You could use MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js to make it they all use js and from the little i learned seem to be easy to use.

free templates with code here…

you can test em on Codepen, jsfiddle etc?

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If you can build a todo app, a blog is a natural progression of that. You should have no trouble finding step by step todo app examples for any language or framework.

Hi pro pocker

It is possible to code a blog site without any framework in fact I think is a great idea to reinforce the learning process.

In my personal opinion I would suggest to start by creating the back-end side of the blog site, learning how to create a database on mysql, learn how add, remove, and update registries using php and sql queries and also how to make a database connection.

I suggest to create a table called blog_posts -or something like that- with id, title and post columns and learn how to display its information using the php loop technique.

By starting this way you will get familiarized with the basic functionality and later on could start adding templates and more features.

Hope this could be helpfull.