Created a tiny portfolio with Next.js

I was looking for a good SSR framework that integrates well with react as it’s frontend. Finally i found Next.js which is exactly fits my needs.

So i built a minimal single page portfolio to get my hands dirty.Which was fun :rocket:
Take a look at it here :point_down:

Repo : :rocket:
Demo : :rocket:

The feel of the site was startling! the aesthetics are cool.
Things I suggest -

  • Change the font of the site, so that it resembles with the template and content.
  • Add a navbar or header to your site

Where you got the subdomain for your site and hosting?

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Thanks there. Yeah i’m also thinking about changing the font.But totally forgot about it.
Anyway Site is hosted in which is the official hosting site of Next.js projects.Next.js is a part of Zeit organiztion. It’s just a static hosting site like heroku and netlify.

Ok thanks, Like the site though.
From India too!