Review my portfolio made with React

Hi guys,

I started the self taught web developer journey a year ago while also working full time as a coffee shop manager. All this time off gave me the opportunity to build a portfolio and also a few small projects.

The portfolio is built using React’s create-react-app boilerplate.
All data is stored in a separate file in a JSON format. This means that in its final form, it can be customised and used by anybody simply by filling in their own personal info into the resumeData.JS file and the changes will be dynamically fed into the site.

Please feel free to also take a look at my CV and give me some feedback on that too. I could really use some tips on how to write a CV when having no experience at all.

Much appreciated!

edit - Please be patient, Heroku might take a little longer to load.

It’s looking very clean & professional, @Marius-Adam!
Here’s my feedback (I don’t have much experience with React, so it focuses on non-React parts of the site):

  • If it’s possible, I recommend going for a simpler/shorter URL that does not have the herokuapp subdomain. Looks a little odd to me and is distracting from the overall professionalism.
  • Regarding 5 icons at the very bottom of your site - the React one goes to a generic React page. Based on how the other icons went to your personal profiles on other sites, this was a little surprising. I recommend removing this.
  • Include alt text on all images for accessibility purposes (the headshot currently doesn’t have any alt text)
  • Remove the drop shadow and make the text darker for all <div class="project-subheading text-muted"></div> to maintain accessible contrast levels. Here’s a resource about that:
  • On mobile, the about text (“Hello, my name is” etc) has a drop shadow that makes it a little hard to read, and the turquoise text contrast is getting into inaccessible contrast levels
  • Super minor, but there’s a misspelling in the description for the Leica project (“withouth the need of re-deploy”)
  • Revisit the meta name and content title <meta name="Personal portfolio web site" content="Personal portfolio web site created using create-react-app"> and how Google uses these: to verify your site is displaying how you want it to display.
  • One thought on something that I recommend adding to your website and/or CV: what really interests you or what are you wanting to learn more about or do in the future (in general)? The portfolio and CV very effectively showcase what you’ve done, but speaking to the future and what you want to do, may also be something to consider.

Just my two cents! Best of luck!


Hey @chloetucker
Wow, great and constructive feedback!
Some really great points that I will fix straight away.

Thank you!

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