Give feedback on my portfolio website

thanks in advance, all your comments, tips and feedback will be helpful.


Nice UI and sweet animation, seems like the contact page is broken

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thanks mate, will consider changing the ui on contact page :slight_smile:

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Transition effects are impressive.


thanks mate, im glad you like it

Really like it. :+1:

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@ramilsaavedra Nice design. You also may work on some points:

on my 100% zoom level texts are hard to read.

on About page - Indent format is not looking so good as each of them has only few text.

a larger font-size over the images may look better, you may check it at your end.

you may also increase a bit highlight to the user instruction (click or touch… on each page) as the background is dark.

Thank you.

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thanks for your time reviewing my portfolio. I will consider all your tips. again thank you so much :slight_smile:

Wow! So neat and clean portfolio. BTW, here’s mine, created using ReactJS:

Do you like NeutralinoJS? (saw it in your portfolio)