Check out my portfolio website

Hi. For 2 years i’ve be learning html, css, js and react by myself. Last weeks i started with some simple php too. I created website where i tried to combine everything i learned so far. Please check it out and give me some feedback, i really need it. Thanks.


Hello Nikos…I think your portfolio is very cool…it’s simple and to the point and your projects are cool especially your games!..Are you greek too?

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Thank you for your feedback, i really appreciate it. Yes, i’m Greek.

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Επιτρέπονται τα ελληνικα εδώ χαχα;…Κι εγώ Νίκο έχω που μαθαίνω εδώ και ένα χρόνο περίπου…Εσύ έχεις linkedin να σου κάνω αίτημα εκεί να ανταλλάσσουμε απόψεις και να βοηθάμε ο ένας τον άλλο πάνω στο θέμα;…Θα είναι μεγάλη βοήθεια πιστεύω γιατί δύσκολα βρίσκεις Έλληνες τριγύρω που να ασχολούνται

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Pretty neat, but damn I got dragged into that 2048 game, it’s a real addiction as soon as that first 2+2=4 happens

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Kalh idea alla uparxei eva proBlima: dev milaw telia ellhvika) eimai ellhvas movo sto aima, alla Gevh8ika sth Rwsia. Teleutea fora milhsa ellhvika peripou 8 xrovia priv kai twra exw ksexasei ta pavta( Linkedin dev exw giati egw akoma ma8aivw kai dev exw kati va deiksw. Av exeis erothseis gia 8ema html, css, js, react boreis na me grapseis sto telegram: @Nikos_96
8a prospa8w va Boh8hsw av borw. Po re malaka me peire polu duvamh va grapsw auto to text))

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Thank you very much for your feedback, i’m happy you liked it. Nice score btw:)

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Hahaha ok thanks Nikos,we’ll talk!..good luck to the both of us

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Great portfolio! Clean simple and to the point. It inspires to work more on my portfolio :slight_smile:

I would say just make the font size of your contact page a little bigger.

Good job!


Very nice job, but I would raise two points:

  1. Where’s the code? Employers will want to see a link to the GitHub for projects in a way that’s immediately obvious

  2. The design could be made to look more modern, eg pink on brown isn’t a great colour combo aesthetically, and sans serif fonts aren’t great for web either. Some more care on the css/design side of things would go a long way in making this a standout portfolio


I have to agree,
the color scheme makes everything look dull.

I didn’t expect to see the nicely designed landing pages in your portfolio.
If you can bring their look and feel to your home page, it would win alot!


I didn’t use github and don’t know how exactly it works. I thought github is more like for code examples, but not full projects. Do you think I should make the whole code public?

About design. I know it’s bad. I’m focusing more on js/react than on style. Which colors and fonts do you think I should use and where?

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The problem is, that those landings are just templates I found in internet. GoT and posts page are too. Basically everything, that doesn’t look like shit wasn’t my design. But when you see something boring and gray, it’s definitely me. I put 0 points in creativity:(

How do you think I should change home page design?

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Github is used for whole projects and is a good place to put your code. You want employers to be able to see your code so they can assess its quality.

How did you deploy this project? With frontend projects I usually use Github pages which enables you to easily deploy an app using a Github repository.

I would checkout google fonts. You can select the fonts of your choice and use a cdn to add the font variants to your project. Use a sans-serif font as your main font.

Re design I would use lighter colours. It would be best to find a website or app with a nice UI and mimic the design elements. Web designers usually take inspiration from existing websites.

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Hi Nikos, everyone here has given you good advice for your portfolio. I want to point out one thing on your contact page - it isn’t necessary to go into detail about where you learned programming from. I want to point out:

I used for this everything: documentations, stackoverflow, reddit, freecodecamp, indian guys on youtube and just google. And a lot of experiments and practice of course. All of the above really helped me.

This whole paragraph is not necessary and if an Indian guy was to look at your portfolio for a job, that person may take this the wrong way. I’m not here to tell you how to speak but I would be just weary when putting things out like this in the real world.

Happy coding!

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I just created everything in vs code and then uploaded to free hosting lol. Am i weird?

I changed fonts to sans-serif and they look already better. But about lighter colors I’m not so sure. I wanted to keep everything in kinda dark mode, because I hate light themes on websites.

Maybe I’ll look into design later. And I also have to do something with buttons in some games, they look like… buttons. I should make them like ones in home page or conway game, to keep everything in same ugly boring af design. Then I’ll just change colors and maybe add some shade? I have no idea.

To be honest, I thought that creating design thing is something more for girls, and I would just create a website based on ready templates in figma and write scripts. No? Doesn’t work like that?

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It was just a joke, Indian guys are cool. I kinda wanted to point out my learning path and that I didn’t take online scam courses like skillbox that everyone hates. But I’ll look into it and think how I could rewrite this. Thanks for feedback.

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In a job yes you would be given a figma design, created by a designer, and just build that.

I don’t think the design needs to be anything remarkable, even just a more modern font and colour scheme would make a big difference. I think it’s a good portfolio anyway with interesting projects.

The most important thing is to get the project/s on Github. Remember to include a .gitignore file in your project/s in order to exclude unnecessary or sensitive files/folders such as node modules or environment variables.

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This is my project on github: GitHub - Nikos-96/My-portfolio

Can you check please if I did everything right? I found some commands in internet and used them lol.

I don’t like the idea of making all my code open to everyone, to be honest. Are you sure this is right thing to do? It’s not like there is anything that others couldn’t do of course, but still it feels weird to let everyone just copy all my code that I’ve been working on for months.

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Yes this looks fine,

You can set your projects to private if you want but then employers won’t be able to see your code. Employers expect to be able to see the code.

Making code public is standard practice. For example the freeCodeCamp curriculum is open source and the code is public. Making it public enables developers to contribute to it.

I doubt there’s anyone that would ‘steal’ your code as this is just a portfolio site.

I would add a link to this project’s code on Github in the footer of your portfolio.

Also update the README to explain your project.

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