Bundle.js "fcc_test_ui" class, impossible to manipulate!


I’ve been trying HARD to manipulate the yellow test box for the last responsive webdesign section so that it is positioned at the bottom right instead of top left, where it obstructs everything that is not forced down and to the right of it (which is a really, REALLY bad design choice to begin with!). Now, why is the elements with “fcc_test_ui” classes (that are the ones needed to manipulate in order to move the yellow test box) inside a #shadow-root element? And how can I get access to them?

See elaborate troubleshoot progress here:

And again: REALLY bad design choice to place the test box at the TOP LEFT to begin with!

Are you having a laugh? While doing the test it’s in the way of whatever I put in the page until I write extra CSS to move my content out of the way of the page. As I said, it’s a really, REALLY bad design to begin with. I’m just doing this to get to the javascript algorithms (without leaving any blank space in the curriculum). I’ve been doing web design with HTML and CSS for 20 years now (since I was 11). So please, if you haven’t got anything productive to contribute to the actual topic, don’t participate. Basic netiquette.

Yeah, you’re having a laugh. Why move it? I’ve already told you. So, why ask again? Read what you are answering, or don’t answer at all.

And to deny that it’s a bad design choice or even speculate if it is or not, shows you don’t know what design consists of. Form and function. It’s not a mystery. It’s not a matter of opinion. To put it simply: How come these people can make this site, teaching others about responsive design, and they can’t hide the element and slide it out when say, a little piece of it sticking out is hovered? THAT would be good design. A tool is not supposed to get in the way of your sight when you are working.

And why come here and debate it? What made you think I was putting all this effort into removing a little nuisance, if I wasn’t set on actually doing it, and what made you think I’d be persuaded by your opinion on the matter when it’s obvious I’m not here to get help putting everything in a container DIV and just move that? It’s the most basic thing you can do in CSS. I know it’s not the whole world, and it’s not anywhere near a hindrance. It just annoys the living hell out of me, and again, read up on your netiquette because all you are doing is coming into this thread and filling it with a discussion completely irrelevant to the topic.

I also never said I had an issue completing the test. So far I’ve gotten to where I am in about 1.5 hours (189 challenges - as if the last time when I mentioned I’ve got 20 years experience in markup wasn’t enough to let you know I don’t suffer any issues with CSS or HTML)… so it’s beyond me why you are making that a topic at all. You gotta be pretty special to go for 20 years and not learn a markup language (I know C#, Python, PHP, MySQL, SQL too, if you still need convincing). Should I perhaps share some real world projects too before you let this pointless discussion go and stop wasting my time and filling this thread with junk?

Nothing, absolutely nothing you’ve written so far has had anything to do with the actual topic. It’s pretty amazing how one can be so off track really. Are you one of those people that talk, just because they have to talk, not because they have something of real value to say? Smells like it, and I’m not impressed.

And why in the world would I use code from the challenges for an actual project?

These are all rhetorical questions. Again, if you do not wish to actually contribute towards the solution here, or answer my question (my only question) as to why they have decided to put the elements I need to manipulate within a “#shadow-root”-element, please refrain from answering again.

Have some manners and respect!

I understand that you are used to answering newbies. But if that is so rooted in you that you can’t identify an advanced issue, or where it’s coming from. Maybe you need a break. I know the feeling, working customer service both as an agent and a QA for approx. 4 years each. You blind yourself easily in thinking “oh it’s just another task” and in this case you actually blinded yourself as you asked what I’ve already told you and didn’t answer a single point of my post.