Business Intelligence what now?

I’ve worked in manufacturing for over a decade, always getting dirty operating machinery. After getting started with FCC i decided to take advantage of my employer’s tuition reimbursement policy and start working towards my BS Computer Science degree. Yesterday I got an email from an IT manager in my organization saying he’d like to talk to me about a new entry-level “Business Intelligence Data Analyst” position. I read the job listing and it’s all greek to me. Everything I’ve googled about this job is a bunch of vague jargon.

When I speak with him next week, I’d like to have at least a little information so I don’t seem like a complete waste of his time. Would anyone here care to try and explain to a layman the big picture of what “business intelligence data analyst” is all about?

Try these:

And keep in mind: there is A LOT of Statistics and Data Visualization involved in this area.