I want to be a Data Scientist

I want to be a data scientist but dont know from where to start. I can’t afford paid courses.

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Me too just keep searching for answers, everything is free online, just might have to watch some ads lol

There are a few topics about breaking into data science on the forum. I’d search and read some of them.

Just so you know, it is very difficult to get into data science without a degree.

I am currently in 7th semester of computer science.

Hi @MuhammadAbdullah1!

You could check out the other discussions on the forum concerning this topic. You could also check out Edx and coursera for classes to audit.

Use either:

  • the biggest learning platform: Google
  • the 2nd biggest learning platform: YouTube

Both have a search feature, e.g. for intro data science.

The skills I recommend:

  • statistics
  • programming (e.g. python with numpy, pandas etc.)

Speaking of youtube here is a FCC video on data science for beginners .