Data science using python

Hello everyone, Can anyone please share the best resources to learn complete data science?

Haven’t tried it myself, but this looks pretty comprehensive:

And I’m currently doing her JavaScript track:slight_smile:

Thanks, buddy! By the way what do you think of Any suggestions?

I don’t really know it, unfortunately. But it looks interesting:slight_smile:

I would advise usual MOOC’s: coursera, edx or udacity.

coursera has long tradition while udacity is more work-oriented. edx is more like a complement.

What I didn’t like was the lack of good interactions with other students in any of them. Nowadayes coursera has lost popularity and despite of having excellent courses, they are sometimes deserted, a lot of people quitting even before starting the more advanced parts.

However, the quality could be beyond expectations for some of them.

I would suggest you to start any of those courses and if you have questions about concepts, try to ask here?

The other platform is Kaggle: they are starting to explore the development of courses in topics related to Data Science. I would advice them A LOT as they have a platform more in tune with Big Data (no many courses will have that).

Not a disclaimer, only to let you know that they are using fCC data for some of those courses :wink:.


Before starting to work with data and getting yourself into the career of data science and data management you have to get some basic fundamental about how to start, what to start and from where to start.

Before going to the technical aspect of data science you need to gather the knowledge of data ,data sources, data cleaning, models, regression and other concepts of statistics and mathematics. For those who haven’t got their education in such disciplines may find it a little difficult to get started, but if you are aspired to learn the things it becomes easy for you to get friendly with data science.

There are various ways through which one can learn the big datamanagement or data science. YouTube videos are the biggest and cheapest source for this.

But for the sake of your convenience I am mentioning some websites where you can get these Data Science courses. Some of these are for free and some are for charges.

· Ibm

· Online Big Data Training

· KDNuggets

· udacity

· Udemy

· Dataquest

I would recommend DS courses at Udemy. You’ll find them in plentiful in their data science category. I personally recommend joining the A-Z data science courses developed by Hadelin and Kiril. As the name suggests, they cover almost everything of the DS universe in both R and Python.

Hi! Yes, Udemy is a good one. Also, you can look at Coursera, DataCamp and here is a good thread were you can find a lot of useful information and answers to your questions.

There are many institute where you can learn complete data science and you can also learn it online . but as per my experience you cant get proper knowledge on any online content. before going through any course try learning python,R,which is basic for data science. make sure you have good knowledge for programming.
as per my knowledge and experience i know one institute at noida sector 2 which has well experienced teachers and provides good live projects on data science.