Data science using python

Data science using python
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Hello everyone, Can anyone please share the best resources to learn complete data science?


Haven’t tried it myself, but this looks pretty comprehensive:

And I’m currently doing her JavaScript track:slight_smile:


Thanks, buddy! By the way what do you think of Any suggestions?


I don’t really know it, unfortunately. But it looks interesting:slight_smile:


I would advise usual MOOC’s: coursera, edx or udacity.

coursera has long tradition while udacity is more work-oriented. edx is more like a complement.

What I didn’t like was the lack of good interactions with other students in any of them. Nowadayes coursera has lost popularity and despite of having excellent courses, they are sometimes deserted, a lot of people quitting even before starting the more advanced parts.

However, the quality could be beyond expectations for some of them.

I would suggest you to start any of those courses and if you have questions about concepts, try to ask here?

The other platform is Kaggle: they are starting to explore the development of courses in topics related to Data Science. I would advice them A LOT as they have a platform more in tune with Big Data (no many courses will have that).

Not a disclaimer, only to let you know that they are using fCC data for some of those courses :wink:.

Big Data/Data Science!