Guide to learning Data Science

Is there a place like freecodecamp to learn everything about data science in a sequential manner?
If not, where and how should I start learning it?
Am interested in Machine Learning, so I figured Data Science is where one starts.
Any help is much appreciated.

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There are so many lists to be found on the internet e.g.

I’d find one that looks reasonable to you and is popular by some metric (e.g. number of likes, starts, up-to-date) and just stick with it and change along the way.

You won’t know how to navigate the landscape until you start doing it.

Although this is geared towards R programming, the principles and concepts from this book are valuable in any data analysis and data science environment. Here’s one figure from it that does an excellent job at capturing all that would need to be done in data science.

Data analysis workflow diagram going from importing data to communicating it

Again, the above book is geared towards R and teaches in R (which isn’t that bad to start), you can do very similar work in Python, pandas, Matplotlib, and more. Good luck!

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Aside from the “I dropped out of school” aspect, here’s one guy’s write-up of how he proceeded.

Coursera has a number of programs geared toward it as well.

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You can also check out DataQuest.
They have a free and a paid version. They focus on Data Science only, so could be helpful.

If you really interested then just try the But they are paid lessons.

I’m using which has been great.