How to begin with data science?

So I am a B.Tech Graduate interested in machine learning .After looking through loads of online material I feel little overwhelmed . Is there a structured path to go in for machine learning.

There recently was a thread on Hacker News:

I have struggled with this question for SOME TIME. I have played with MIT/OCW and others. The field is SO big now and there are a lot of resources but not put together for a methodical complete online program.

After a year of self study and meeting with peeps I think it is good to make sure you have a good background in:

  • How is your linear algebra?
  • How is your statistics? Linear regression, Covariance, Correlation, …
  • Do you know SQL?
  • How is your Python or R?

Early on I was given one paper as a starting point.

  • Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms -
  • I was given this paper to start with… the paper is from 2008 but it contains the basics that you NEED to know first. A few things are obviously missing (Logistic regression) but this paper gives you a good overview. You need to learn SVM and Adaboost and Decision trees, clustering, etc.
  • Many people told me NOT to start with Deep Learning. BC you need to know at least Logistic Regression first. I tend to agree.

Try this:

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Go for andrew NG’s courses. They are the best. hands down.

Hi! I just read your response to this thread and I find it really helpful, so thanks!
I’ve just finished a PhD in Engineering and I’m looking to switch a career into Data Science. I have very good knowledge of linear algebra, statistics and Python. I’m picking up SQL but the next part I wasn’t sure. So thanks for sharing this!

Hey D,
Sure thing, best of luck.

Looking over this list there is one thing I could have added.

  1. Git and Github and
    You probably have heard of git and even used it but did you know that you can make some really easy websites showing off your stuff with Yes, they allow you to link a repo to a website and even have some Jekyll themes. BTW, it’s free.
    Check it out,

This is interesting. I am making the switch from programming to data science and I look forward to exploring these resources also.