C# and the DOM | Important Question! PLEASE


I had a quick question regarding C# and the DOM.

I haven’t gotten to the JS part of the curriculum yet (2nd certification) but I looked for the definition of the DOM which from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) is what makes it possible for scripts to communicate with a webpage.

Now, if I’m correct here too, normally, we can use any scripting/programming language language (ex: c#, js, python) to write a script and link it to a webpage. But how do we link a c# .NET script (suppose I wrote it on VS2017 ) to a webpage also how to make it work on the webpage.


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Here is a interesting overview of the DOM and how it relates to C#

Most development I’ve seen with C# is on Windows servers using .net and/or ASP.net. I don’t work with it much. My last company did all it’s web dev this way though. My experience is limited as i work mostly in JAM, or LAMP stack.

I do know that development tends to be slower as there is a lot more licensing involved and helper applications that a company may require. For example my last company ran all it’s apis through Biztalk, so that they could translate outside APIs to C# and then translate their own APIs out again for use in other non-MS systems. So for a registration system took that company 4 years of dev to work around the license they purchased, whereas my previous previous company built a similar system in less time because they used open source Apache systems. That seems the be the only major limitation. A lot of languages borrow from C#, especially the date system. The platform I work in is built off C# (it’s an email service provider) so besides having a similar slow upgrade schedule, we do have a very powerful system to work with.

Anyway that’s my longwinded thought on the subject. Hope that link helps!

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Thanks, I’ll check it out ASAP and let you know about my reading :slight_smile:
Btw, I didn’t understand quite a few terms that you used (I’ll search them up) but I’d like to clarify something: I just want to write scripts that do x or y things on a webpage using C# instead of JS.

Thanks again and I’ll be back :slight_smile: .