Calculator App - feedback appreciated

Been ‘free-style’ coding today, and nearly completed a JS calculator.
Beginner coder looking for assistance and feedback on this mini-project:

Any help on code/style would be great - much thanks in advance.


It can break in many ways.

First thing I noticed is I can add more than one operator, +, -,* etc.

I would start with cleaning that up.

Great thanks br3ntor tor taking the time. Still a work in progress do appreciate that you’ve taken some time to look at.
Will do more testing for ‘beta’.

just look at this picture I only clicked inside the page and you can make your calculator manipulable with keyboad just a suggetion

Thanks for finding the clicking bug. The screen app redraw was caused by an incorrect eventListener.

Will add keyboard as you suggest.

Thanks again for taking time out of your day, appreciate it.