Project: Calculator

Hi there,

Would you mind taking a look at my calculator app, any comment or feedback is appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

That’s awesome. Best calculator I’ve seen so far. Especially like the effect at the edges, so it jumps out a bit, and looks like a real calculator. I couldn’t break it either, although I don’t actually know what methods to use to do that, maybe more experienced reviewers can check for bugs.
The only thing I see that can be maybe improved is the mobile view. If It could take up more space of the screen on mobile, would look much better.

Hi @gsim2345,

Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

That is something I have been working on, making it responsive but there is work to do, though :wink:

really nice calculator looks great and works well … but have found a few issues

i can press 6+6+ and then change the + to a - or a * or / which is fine but cant change it to a = so im left stuck there
i can press 6+ but cant press . have to press 0 first then . which can lead to pressing 6+08 = 8
this one is strange press any digit eg 9 then pres ce then press any digit (press 3)and you get 63 on top line and 03 on bottom line
wont let you enter any number like 100 or 200 or 300 etc or any number like 1002003
overall lovely looking calculator but they are bugs if you dont do the obvious button presses
hope this helps

Hi @JohnL3,

Thank you for your feedback, I will fix those bugs as soon as possible :wink: