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So i applied for internship and got a task to make a calendar application with pure JS using sessionStorage.

live - Calendar
*its not responsive.
If you can give me some feedback on code it would be great !

Just curious, how much time did they give you to do this? A calendar application is not a trivial thing, especially if you want to make it accessible. Perhaps they had a very short list of requirements to fulfill?

As for feedback, I think one of the most obvious suggestions is one you have already told us you didn’t meet, make it responsive. I seem to remember reading recently that at least half of the people surfing the web out there are using mobile devices. In today’s world your web app is not sufficient unless it is responsive.

For the calendar layout, I see a table, most likely using the grid role. This is an advanced accessibility concept for sure but the link I gave you actually implements a calendar month so I thought it would be a good example to give you.

For the add task, I’m not sure you need a separate “Select Date” input since you also have to enter a date when picking the start and end time, so this seems a little redundant to me. Also, when you enter a start time I think the date on the end time should be automatically updated to match since most likely they are going to be the same and it would save some redundant entry.

I’m going to hold off on any other feedback because I don’t know the requirements you were working under. I don’t want to start giving feedback for things that you weren’t required to implement.

P.S. One little tip. Don’t label a commit as “small fix”. Everything is a small fix :slight_smile: FCC recommends using Conventional Commits and I think that is probably good advice.

Time they gave was 4-6 hours, i spent much more than that probably full day, since i had to learn about sessionStorage.
About responsivness it wasn’t necessary “if you want” . About “select date” input it was required every single one of them was a requirement, i didnt do anything more than they asked i tried to be as specific as possible.

Grid role i didn’t know about that so tried to do in my own way, but now it makes much more sense to do this way.
Also requirement was to do this in pure JS no libraries or frameworks allowed

I think you did a good job. I am not a professional, but the code looks nice, especially for a beginner.

I think you did a good job. I am not a professional, but the code looks nice, especially for a beginner. Most of the time, I prefer not to use coding to make a calendar application but to use something already made before me. This is my favorite calendar-making tool Mod edit link removed. It is simple enough to understand how to use it and functional enough to help me make the calendar I need.
I have to make calendars pretty often because of my job, and I greatly use this tool almost every day.

I am not sure if I understand correctly, so excuse me, if I this willl be a dumb post :slight_smile:

The problem is typing the result of the formula in the whole date field, right? Meaning that you are trying to type “01/09/ 2023 calendar 07:21:55”? Maybe there is an issue with the special characters (“/” and “:”).

What about parsing the formula result to the individual elements (day, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds) and then trying to input those one at a time?

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