Feedback about my calendar app

Hi campers,
I need your feedback about this calender app i have built in HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is my first project involving Javascript. Constructive feedback is highly welcome!

I think it looks great. Good work!

A few things I noticed:

  1. the background for the current day doesn’t match the ‘about me’ circle, or the pop out window. It’s minor and my opinion but a common color between them might look cleaner
  2. the about me pop out is nice, i’m just not sure about it. It could be the style, positioning or location. But it’s a good animation and information. Maybe round corners and give it some transparency? Or have it fill in over the calendar grid?
  3. i’m using a PC, and as I hover over the text the mouse changes cursors to text, maybe keep it default so it’s always the little arrow, with a slight hover-over glow effect for interaction? (again minor)
  4. I like the hover over on the Month and Year ovals, but the cursor changes to a pointer even if trying to click “DEC” … I think the pointer should only appear when on top of one of the left/right arrows.
  5. Some months ‘break’ like June 2019… when there needs to be 5 rows…

The only other thing I’d try to play with is how you built the main Table. 1/2 of your HTML is building the table and I’d try to use javascript to build it, maybe that would help with #5?

Great work though! These are just little things I noticed playing with it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I actually tried using JavaScript for the table but my knowledge of JS is still limited. I will definitely implement the suggestions. I am terrible at design. I try to keep the design simple so that I focus more on learning JavaScript. Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

This looks nice! My only comment would be about the color choice / Palette. It’s a little harsh for my eyes, too much conflicting colors bewteen selected days and background. But the functionality is easy and fun to use.