First Project Which I can proudly call my own -- Calculator App

Hello Community,

This is my first HTML,CSS and Javascript Project which i did on my own, everything from html to css to javascript, I did myself only. The whole logic which goes into building a project was in plain javascript and i can now show something to others which is my own. This is not a very highly sophisticated calculator but i spend almost all day building it. 80% of the time was went into making algorithms for the logic part of the calculator. Even though this part took more time, but i struggled more in design aspect of it which took only 20% of the project time. I tried my best to make it mobile friendly as well. Hope you guys like it and any feedback and suggestions (Positive or Critical) are warmly welcome.

Calculator App

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As far as functionality goes it works like a charm.
The top section where the result displays seems to blend right into the white background. Color seems to be light. But that’s just my opinion. Everything else looks great. Good job!

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It looks good, it functions as a calculator should! However, there are some ways I found I could break it - I could enter multiple operators, and I got a response of invalid. Ideally, we’d evaluate whatever the last operator entered was.

Also, right now there is no decimal functionality.
I hope you don’t take this as too critical - this project is good, and great that you took ownership of it and made it yourself, it’s quite good and functional. These additional measures will make the project even more impressive!

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Hi @FCCStudent, Thanks for going through it and finding some issues. I have started fixing some issues just now and now i have realised there are more issues that needs to be resolved which I am working on. I really appreciate that you took your time to go through it and point out. I will soon update it. Feedbacks are never critical. Community wants everyone to improve and if you didn’t notice these, probably, I would have overlooked it and thought project building is easy.

Thank and Regards.

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This was the project for me where everything “clicked” and I began to really feel comfortable in javascript, I suspect that you may be feeling the same way after getting this far. A really good job!