Can a beginner learn and understand the Quality Assurance Course?

I’ve quite mastered the basics of HTML, CSS & Javascript (but I haven’t learned the JavaScript Framework).

Can I start to study the Quality Assurance course?

You don’t need a framework, but if you haven’t done that portion of the curriculum you might find the projects extremely difficult.

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Hi ^^
So for a start there is no thing as “THE JavaScript Framework” - there are many different frameworks, some of which heavily focus on JavaScript.
A framwork is a large pre-build piece of code, that enables a bunch of behaviors and customizable parts which you can use and build upon without having to code everything yourself. If they are written in a way that developers mostly need to only deal with JavaScript, they are “A” JS-Framework. Though advanced behavior can still require additional coding-languages.

Now with that out of the way - the FCC curriculum is meant to be done from top to bottom. So every step you skip, might contain knowledge which you are then lacking, but need to understand what’s going on.
Though there are exceptions. Like, I don’t think you would need the Data-Visulization certificate to understand QA. But the others seems important so you get an understanding on how programs and websites work and interact with eachother.

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