Can anyone help ? Advice please

I am new to this and looking for a career change, I have always wanted to get into computer science, programming, development, etc. however as I continue my studies I see now that programs are developing which do away with coding, drag and drop web building etc, am I wasting my time or going down the right road to continue my learning of coding?


I want you to explore this website -


Certainly you’re not wasting your time.

I come from the world of WordPress and the Drag and Drop themes that promise non-coders build websites and start a business.

A full stack web developer earns a six figure. A wordpress, not programming in PHP, earns a lot less than that.

But once you start coding, learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and start building something, you’ll see how glorifying it can be.


Thank you for the support as I have been intensely “bootcamping” coding for the last 2 months since the lockdown began, trying to prepare for the future as I am not a young person and starting a new career at my age is a bit scary, thank you again, I will “stay the course” :+1:


Thank you I will! And thank you for taking the time to review the post!

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Age doesn’t matter. I’m 36 and will start applying within two years when I have built my most two desired projects.

I have a BS in English; I’m a teacher, and doing a masters in Innovation in Education; but Computer Science has always been what I wanted.

It’s never too late; and with the demand for remote web developers, even better. I get to be with my wife and kids, and earn good money, while I do the transition from my teaching position to fully dev.


You are n’t wasting your time, you’re doing such a good job if you continue studying coding in the this course.


Thank you for your encouragement it helps to hear that I am on the right path👌

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you’re welcome.

You can always build site, app or even game with drag and drop methods. If you find that you are happy and achieving your goals without knowing what are you doing, its fine.
I love learning. I love challenge. I love that feeling when i finish my idea, from paper to screen. It will maybe be the same result as your drag and drop app(not your personally), but i will know ins and outs, confident enough to find a job, start my own or whatever goal is…you get the point. Keep learning, it will pay off.
Money should never be your goal.


I’m a really old developer.

In 1972 I was with a large, multinational corporation and we had a meeting with IBM and we were told that coding would be dead within 3 years. And you’re asking in 2020!

Go for it! But it may be dead in another 48 years. Lol!


As the requirements of the humanity changes day by day, coding will be there to help humanity for long years. Whenever you learn something new, it should make you more eager to learn. That is the point.

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