Can i be a programmer without knowing math?

Im 15yrs old and new to coding but i heard that i need math to be a programmer but i dont know math …what to do?

It isn’t essential, but its very helpful. If you’re asking, then just learn math.

If you were, say, 40 and you were asking this question then I’d say “well you don’t reeeealy need math for day to day programming work, you’ll get by just fine, most programmers I know aren’t any kind of maths whiz”. But you’re 15, just get good at maths. It’ll be drastically easier to do it now rather than realising that it might have been helpful to do so later on in life (very likely if you develop software) .


Stay in school and learn math.

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As with the last time you asked, you should practice and keep going to class. Math helps and anyone can learn it.

If you have many questions about being 15 and learning to code, you can ask them inside of a single thread and engage with the people answering instead of creating a bunch of really similar topics.


Yes, but you don’t need to be fantastic with it. You mainly need to be able to learn what you need, it could be math, or something else.

I believe the conception that you need to be some kind of genius with math to be a programmer to be blatantly false. Obviously being good at math is necessary if your dealing with use-cases that require math (IE physics, games, statistics), but less so if you aren’t.

There is also “computer science math” that you’d learn if you went to get a CS degree. Stuff like Algorithms, Data Structures, and discrete math are covered most of the time, as they are theories behind programming. Even if you don’t get a CS degree, you’d end up learning most of the underlying principles by just straight programming, they are that fundamental.

So yes you do need to know math, but you also need to know a bunch of other stuff. You also probably don’t need to be amazing at math (I hate math) so don’t let that prevent you from getting into programming :smiley:

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Absolutely, the only thing standing in your way is time! Spend the time and the code will become second nature to you.

Remember, coding is about overcoming obstacles along the way. So you must be vigilant and willing to not get to caught up on failure as it is common (especially in the early days of your journey).

Keep pushing forward and do not be afraid to use forums like this for help in finding answers to issues that you’re stuck on.

Good luck.

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