Can I copy the contents of the examples given for the projects?

Is it considered plagiarism if I copy the contents of the examples but write the codes myself? I am quite confused about what’s required here. For example the technical documentation page, should I come up with something or is it allowed to use the same contents?

I personally used the project examples as a good base to start from but tried to put my own twist on them. I am not a designer nor have I taken any courses on it so needed to use the examples. I actually don’t have the first clue when it comes to design. I will take a course on it if I progress in coding but for now am concentrated on learning coding not designing.
Some do frown upon it and say you should be more original, that’s great if you are able to but I wouldn’t worry if like me you don’t feel able to yet.
It actually doesn’t matter in terms of the tests passing or not, they don’t care.
By the way obviously you shouldn’t copy code from the examples

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