Can i get a job after completing responsive web design course

i actually want to know what job can i get after completing responsive web design i want to do a part time job of it and study more

Thank you

I do not consider the Responsive Web Design section to be enough to make you qualified for most “web development” jobs. The different sections are not individual courses, they are just milestones in the overall Full Stack Web Development curriculum.


thank you for your reply
i want to ask one more question that till how many sections should i complete to make my self enough to get a job
i want to do kind of like a part time job and study more and more about this web development
I hope u answer me

I would argue that completing the full curriculum is not enough on its own to be job ready.

The curriculum will give you the basics, but you need to continue your studies and build projects to showcase your skills - finding a job in the development industry requires finding ways to set yourself apart from the other candidates, and simply completing the curriculum will not accomplish that.


can u give me more advise on this how to improve myself to become a job ready what should i study more how should i study more
I am a very beginner
Thank you

The first thing I recommend is to complete the curriculum. The web-development sections of the curriculum are intended to give you a foundational basis for the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, node.js). As you move through the curriculum, if you run into anything you don’t feel you fully understand, do some research. Many users find supplemental material from other sources, such as tutorial videos on YouTube.

Also, don’t be afraid to take what you learn and build your own projects. Apply your learning from the FCC curriculum to a project that is personal and relevant to your own interests, so you continue to stay engaged with the information.


Thanks! i am gonna try it
no matter how much time time it takes

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