Accomplished Responsive Web Design Certificate-need some advices

Hey :wave: ! As I have claimed my first Responsive Web Design Certificate .I need a little bit information so that I can improve my skills and grip on Responsive Web Design. Can you share some helpful information or any link which will help me!!?
Also I actually want to know what job can i get after completing responsive web design i want to do a part time job of it and study more. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please need some helpful advice.I will thankful for help.!

Hi @emanzulfiqar !

The best way to get better at anything is to continue building projects.
The more projects you build the stronger your skill set will become.

You could also check out Design Course on youtube.

Without knowing JavaScript you will be pretty limited for job opportunities. Even for freelance.
Right now you could build some static sites.

I would suggest looking at freelance sites and looking at the tech stacks that freelancers are using.

I think knowing JavaScript will open up a lot more doors for you.
It would be better if you knew a framework like react or angular.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your replay @jwilkins.oboe . This information helped me alot.
Yeah!soon i will start learning JavaScript but it seems slightly difficult to me.

Please could you tell me about this more.

By the way @jwilkins.oboe .how have you made this screeeeeeen button in post?
I had asked this question before but didnโ€™t get any clear information.
Sorry for again asking this.

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Okay Thank you! @ieahleen Its my mistake i should ask questions their. Sorry

You could choose to find work through sites like freelancer or upwork.
Look through the freelancer profiles and see what technologies they list under the skills section.

For example, this is a screenshot from upwork. You can go to the site and click on any of the categories listed and it will show profiles for freelancers.

You are not going to find to many freelancers with only html and css listed under their skills.

Also, look at the types of jobs posted. Most jobs will want more than just html and css.

Like I said you can build basic static sites.
So maybe there is a local small business in town that needs a basic site.
That could be a possibility.

But freelancing in any industry requires a whole other skill set.
You have to know how to present yourself well and connect with potential clients.

I would suggest looking at these articles to start researching.

Thank you very much @jwilkins.oboe for this information. :blush: I will visit these websites for helpful information.

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