Can I Get Some Help With Project Ideas?

Hi everyone, so I’m wrapping up my 2nd year of Honors Computer Science at my high school and for our final project, we get to choose what to make. I’m thinking of doing some sort of text-based game – either a text-based art game or a text-based adventure game – but I’m having a small issue coming up with ideas. I want to do something really unique or challenging, both for myself and the player, but the only two ideas I’ve come up with are either a randomly generated dungeon game (which
a past student has done, and now I don’t want to do it because it doesn’t feel that unique) or I could finish my version of the card-battling video game Inscryption (which I don’t want to do because it feels weird to use a personal project as a school project, but if I did finish it I know it would turn out to be really awesome).
Do you guys have any thoughts on my ideas?
Additionally, do you have any suggestions or starting points for a unique game?
*Note: if you give me any ideas whatsoever I’m not gonna steal your ideas or anything. I’ll make it in my own image with my style, and absolutely credit you for the idea.

I once came across this piece of advice:
"instead of beating yourself up in finding an original idea, just take an existing one, add on it with your own unique features/twists/turns and make it your own.

I’m not gonna steal your ideas or anything.

ideas have no values, it’s how they are implemented that holds the value😅

if you wanna unique concepts, ideas, and stuff alike, gamejams are perfect place to look around and gamejams open the doors for communications of like minded individuals, so you can find people easier or people find you easier.

Game jams -


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