Can I get some python help, please?

I can’t figure out what is going on with this code, if you have some spare time, would be appreciated.

I think it is stuck on line at line 20.
I barely remember programming and never been too deep in python.
Trying to get this fixed for a friend. It is related to some counter strike server hosting, more specific it’s a redirect plugin.


Okay then, I am sorry for posting.
I don’t have time to learn python and fix it.
However, I am pretty sure there is something missing, probably 3 sec fix, but can’t figure it out.
Anyway, thanks for your help.

This isn’t python code.

it’s sql? Looks like python…

It looks to me like C++. If you look at the top statements (#include and #define) they are definitely not python. I’m not really advanced in C++, but that’s what the syntax looks like to me.

Yeah, it’s c++…
Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem, good luck getting it fixed! Now that you know it’s c++, the syntax error on line 20 is obviously invalid. I would talk with your friend about it, but there’s not much people here are going to be able to do for you.

Can you leave a skype contact or something, please? I will connect you to him. Thanks.

Yeah, I have a habit of not reading everything or just reading some words of an entire thing.
Btw, I was trying to delete my account and I can not find any options on account settings.
Can you erase it for me, please?