Oh well, another day - another newbie.

I do like to introduce my self into the game here, but maybe it will be too soon to explain all my insufficient knowledge of the IT sector - so i guess my first approach is to meet you around the hallways of the forum and get to know you.

My road here is crossing via YouTube , where i found a course (Mike Dane 5 Stars guy) that explains basic SQL ,which i found to be very interesting in first place, and data triggered my passion to involve my self into it. The very first 30min as i watched, I’ve said to my self hold up - this guy is pleasure to hear talking , let me check the camp he’s in , so I’ve put my investigation into it and i came straight to the challenges presented.
I did my tour, starting fresh- done introduction into HTML and CSS, and this where the first road block starts.
Am in the right move? I haven’t done much research on the topic , but should i pass all this courses and than stick up to SQL, or going JS/Data Vis/Analyst w/ Python - jumping the before ones?

I don’t want to be stuck in a maze, as my on-site job doesn’t allow me much time to spend figuring it out - and some few tips would be very welcome (even if it sounds rude like man google it , it is what it is.)

For my first baby steps, i do hope someone to teach me how to walk this thru and smile for my first Machine Language :slight_smile:


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If you’re asking about what order to do the freeCodeCamp curriculum in, it’s intended to be done in order. What that means is starting at “Basic HTML and HTML5” and continuing to progress through the lessons.

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my advice for you is to start from the very beginning, take notes if you think you might forget something.
Reset the lesson and start all over again until you memorize it.

keep it up!

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