I'm a little scared

I’ve decided to learn to code, and I admit that starting this new road scares me. I don’t know what will happen. But I really like to code, so I’m not gonna stop.


you can do it.
We will be here if you need help.

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Thank you, for real.

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Hi Frand_son :wave:t6: ,

Congratulations on taking this bold step. You are in the right place here at Free Code Camp.

If you ever feel stuck, were are here for you.

Happy Coding!

Hi there,

We’ve all been there. When I first started coding I didn’t even know how websites or apps were created… to give you an idea, I didn’t even know what an algorithm was.

Coding is hard but you are not alone, you can join groups, you can take quick courses to learn how certain things are handled in the coding world, etc. Just keep learning, and look for projects that you might be interested in building.

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