I'm a little scared

I’ve decided to learn to code, and I admit that starting this new road scares me. I don’t know what will happen. But I really like to code, so I’m not gonna stop.


you can do it.
We will be here if you need help.


Thank you, for real.

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Hi Frand_son :wave:t6: ,

Congratulations on taking this bold step. You are in the right place here at Free Code Camp.

If you ever feel stuck, were are here for you.

Happy Coding!

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Hi there,

We’ve all been there. When I first started coding I didn’t even know how websites or apps were created… to give you an idea, I didn’t even know what an algorithm was.

Coding is hard but you are not alone, you can join groups, you can take quick courses to learn how certain things are handled in the coding world, etc. Just keep learning, and look for projects that you might be interested in building.


I am a bit new to all this myself and I can say I feel the same way, but after just the first few classes I’ve grown comfortable learning and even asking questions. I hope the same goes for you, good luck on your adventure.

I think you made right decision to learn coding. The opportunities are endless for learning (freeCodeCamp is one example) and landing into good job. I started learning couple of years back and I was little confused too because there are so many to learn. But when I started, I started off looking at University of West Georgia MS Applied Computer Science curriculum which helped me to know what are the technologies I need to learn. I do not know whether they still have that curriculum on the web though. Anyway, so I started off with HTML5, CSS3 and Little Bit of JavaScript and I enjoyed CSS3 because it brought color in my website I was building then. So it motivated me to learn more. At the same time, I got into learning SQL and really enjoyed it. Its really easy to learn because it is declarative language where you just declare a code, for example
select customer_name, customer_age, item_purchase
from customer_file
where customer name in (“Lydia”, “Rene”, “Naomi”)
order by item_purchase desc;

As you can see it is basically declaring what you really want and pretty intuitive. SO I really enjoyed learning MySQL and I liked it so much, I learnt PostgreSQL, and SQL Server 2019 which is also known as T-SQL. And then I moved on to learning Python and it was relatively easy to pick up too. Once you learnt basics of SQL, HTML, CSS, and Python, then you will see rest of the other stuffs that you need to learn will come pretty easy. Here is what I am learning and revising now:

JavaScript with jQuery
SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQL Server 2019)
Git & GitHub (you need to learn this)

These above will get you into developing database driven web applications as full stack web developer in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) Stack and MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js and React.js (MERN) Stack. There are some excellent courses in freeCodeCamp on MERN Stack. So, once you learnt the basics of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, you can start following MERN Stack course.

Also consistency is important. You really need to remain consistent and study pretty much every day 3-4 hours to keep your coding skills alive. I once left it for 3 months gap and I forgot pretty much everything and had to revise my codes all over again. Its annoying and trust me you do not wanna be inconsistent which I was. But now, I study and write codes everyday in Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL and so on…

Happy Coding!


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