Beginner struggle

Hi everyone!
I started learning programming on one week ago and I have already done every exercise in the Responsive Web Design course . I’m only missing 4 last projects.
But I have this feeling like I do not know anything. I did almost every exercise without help, but when it comes to really do something on my own I feel like I don’t actually know what am I doing. I do know the basics, but at the same time, I can not make some really cool websites.
I have also seen many other people here saying that they did this course for a month. Therefore I don’t know if I’m doing it right.
Has someone here the same problem or it is just me?

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HI @Hanka !

You have to remember that it takes time to get good at anything in life.

Let’s look at the example of learning an instrument.

It doesn’t take that long to learn a few chords and play some basic songs.
But you are not going to have the skill set to play so more advanced or cooler pieces.

You have to keep working on your skill set until you can play those pieces of your dreams.

Same goes for coding.

You have achieved the first goal which is to learn some basics.
But it is going to take time and practice to be able to build cool professional websites.

Patience is key.

It is normal to feel like you don’t know anything because you just got started.
You have to keep building things, making mistakes, asking questions and moving forward.

If you stick with it then you will be able to build the websites of your dreams. :grinning:


Hi @Hanka

It happens with everybody in coding that you follow a tutorial and you seem to be understanding and you get down to do it yourself and feel like you don’t know anything.
The cool thing is the freecodecamp tutorials are still there for you to go back and reference. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, the forum is here support your learning journey.

You can start by creating an html skeleton then develop it from there. If you google it you should be able to find examples and tutorials.

Dive into it, it will soon all sink in.


Thank you, I will try to stick with it. I’m only 16 and do not know what to do in a future, so I’m trying some new things and coding seems prety interesting for me.

You are not alone in this. But if other people could do it, so you can. Believe in yourself as a complete human being. You have a brain like those who did it before. So, what is remaining is keeping up the hard work. You know, I am 37 now and just earned the Responsive Web Design certification 2 days ago. I went through what you are going through but it ended. The best approach I found towards programming is to think about it as a group of problems that needs to be solved. And I keep learning solutions till I know how to solve all the problems. Then, I will feel confident, and the fun will begin.

Some people invest 1h once per week,
some invest 8h per day.

So 1 month is not a good measurement.

Hey H,

I thought I was the only one soaring through the projects and not really retaining much to produce something simple I just learned. I have been just following along the with the projects but I need to go through the site to see if they have different versions of the same project or test that quiz the skills you’ve learned so far.

Good luck,


Hi @MRhodes090 !

Welcome to the forum!

FCC does not have quizzes to test your knowledge. Just the lessons.
But the more projects your build, the more comfortable you will feel with the concepts.

If you have a basic understanding of the material then I would suggest to keep going with the course.

There are plenty of opportunities to practice your skills with upcoming projects.

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Aww, ok. I see. thanks

Just like in the case of the OP, it just takes time to feel comfortable with the material.

Just take it day by day and you will start to notice your skills advance and confidence grow.

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