Absolutely brand new

Hey all, I have never done any type of coding before but I’ve had a lot of encouragement from people I know who are in the industry. Just started the HTML module today, and it was definitely a bit of a challenge. Looking forward to cutting my teeth on the basics and hopefully in time I can actually start to feel more natural when I’m learning instead of sometimes blankly staring at instructions for 5 minutes before it clicks haha.

Anyway, just figured I’d say hi and if anyone has some good beginner videos/guides that helped them when they were first starting I’m all ears. Anything can help me at this point!

Hey @M.Brodie!
Welcome to the forum!

I am also a beginner too.

Coding was hard for me in the beginning too. Just ask the forum for help!
There are many senior coders here, who can help you in any lang.

Just keep going!
Never Give Up Until you reach your goal

Thanks and Happy Coding!

Hi there,

Get used to staring blankly at the instruction :slight_smile:

Seriously, coding is a lot of work. There are tons of resources–Google is your friend. MDN is very useful. But you’ll learn the most when you do your own projects. Learn by doing.

Best of luck.