Hi there! I am newbie to code

Hi, Everyone. My name is Dhara and I am new to coding. Have started the coding lessons of FCC in HTML. Just thinking if anyone has idea to help me out in memorizing the tags that are used for coding. Doesn’t matter whatever you code. Any tips and tricks are welcome that would help me on my way to become a better coder.
Happy Coding to everyone!

Tip one: you don’t have to commit everything to memory, but you need to understand things

You can use the MDN website, you can find there documentation for various languages

Thanks @ilenia. That sounds little better. And definitely agree with the understanding part. So, this is what happens to me when i code. I understand what i did in today’s lessons but when i login back again feels little harder to recall stuff i did previously.

I just want to add, after studying Front-End Dev for 2 years now, that if you work enough with the same things, you’ll eventually learn the tags and basic code :slight_smile: But ofc its often i forget basic functions / codelines myself so i do a quick google search and you can find good resources on both StackOverflow and as said earlier MDN.

Welcome to the code community and happy coding! :smile: Trust me, you’ll love it! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the motivation @Rokimedes! Hopefully I am also going to love coding as i will practice everyday. How persistence would you suggest to be while coding? Like how many hours of coding?

What i’ve done, i’ve been coding for aprox 20 hours a week, but then again this was a demand from my school, and we had to submit an assignment every 14 days to get grades on it.

But i would say that you should atleast do some coding each week, maybe 3-5 hours or so if you are not very into it, but for me i do it basicly every day since i want to learn new things all the time same with working on my own projects/websites.

Something you could also consider is learning some basic design principles, for layouts, brands(logo, typography, use of colour etc). It helped me alot in creating the assignments i handed in and got quite good feedback on :slight_smile:

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Consistency is the key

Code every day, commit to a minimum time (20 minutes? One hour?) and do that everyday, if you can do more wonderful but it is not necessary

It is normal to not remember things after the first time, you need repetition for things to stay in your memory, so just keep coding and you will get there

Go back to previous lessons, use google, consult the MDN… everything is legit

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Thank you guys again for you positive feedback.:slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Coding! @ilenia and @Rokimedes