Can I transfer my account to

I began a little while ago the freecodecamp through but it seems that it’s better to use (for example, default certification link on linkedin is .org).
I almost completed the data visualization so I don’t want to begin everything from the beginning again and thus I wondered if there’s a way to export data and import them to
And by the way, could someone explain what’s the difference between the .dev and the .org website ?
Thanks for reading !

Hey there, is our staging site, which we use to test new features in a production environment. You should only be using the .org website, unless you’re actively helping test a feature, as the .dev website is not guaranteed to save your progress.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to move your progress over - however, you can submit the projects again on .org and claim the certifications you have already obtained. You do not need to complete the lessons again to claim the certification, as long as you submit the projects. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, thanks !
I’ll do that then

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