Can I use this way to learn coding and new features?

Hello! I’ve almost done the Basic JS course. Sometimes it is hard to make a challenge, and I try to do my best before I start searching a decision on the Internet and click on the “Get a hint” button. But I feel a bit wrong about it, because I think I should do all the exercises on my own. So the question is: is it a common way of learning to code(or new features) by delving into different code? I mean, not just copy and paste, but to figure out how it works, try to add my own changes,etc.

One of the most important skills as a developer is google-fu. You simply can’t be a master of EVERYTHING. Learning how to find the answers you need is super important. Don’t feel bad about googling for more information about something. That said, the tips provided in the text of the javascript challenges are usually exactly what you need to utilize to complete the challenge. Finding the documentation for those functions can be a big help.