How to use what I learn

I have just finished the basic javascript section on FCC, and I’m also taking a course on udemy. I understand most parts of JS, but i have problems with doing challenges, and actually putting the tutorial knowledge to use. Does anyone of you have any tips for me to get better to do challenges, and putting my knowledge to use?

practice practice practice

The only way to be able to know what todo when given a problem, is to learn what kind of problems are out there, how to solve them, recognize “patterns” found in many problems, and have a knowledge of the available solutions to you.

The easiest way to get this experience is to keep doing challenges, projects, code wars, whatever to gain that experience. You also should aim to expand your knowledge to know what tools are available to you, this isn’t so much experience, but rather “extra knowledge” you can always dig deeper into if need be. Things like basic methods in the javascript spec, or common data-structures, or algorithms are all part of a “developers toolbelt” that isn’t some fancy tool, but rather their experience/knowledge gained from learning.

The best teacher is failure, and the only way to fail is to go out and do.

Goodluck and keep it up :smiley:


Sorry for the late response!

Thanks for the tips! :smiley: