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Dear Members,

Hello All, hope you all are doing good. I am new to this camp please guide how to practice, how to use it. just write the code on build stuff or any other approach.


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We recommend working through the curriculum here:

You will find a range of challenges that introduce you to the things HTML, CSS and JavaScript can do.

Further in the curriculum there are projects to complete where you apply your learning.

If at any point you get stuck, search here on the forum for posts where others likely already faced the same issue, and if you can’t find the answer, or the answer seems irrelevant to you, feel free to ask for more help.

You can post your projects in the Project Feedback category if you would like peer feedback on your efforts.

Happy coding!

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Thank you Jackson for your prompt response. Jackson I mean to say how to practice FCC challenges. By just writing the code on the built in console or any thing else. Because I observed in built in console you have to do just some sort of changes or to add one line. By doing only that how can someone be proficient in programming. How can I practice challenges in efficient manner. ?

Happy Coding!

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Ah I see!

I would recommend just doing the challenges in the editor, changing the specific lines suggested.

The purpose of the challenges is to introduce bite sized concepts and let you test a code snippet example. Once these concepts have been introduced, the projects are where you really learn the content through application.

It may feel inefficient and unrealistic to do the challenges, but I find it gives an excellent overview of possible techniques before you jump into projects. YMMV.

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