Can i view my projects after i finish them?

Hi, i finished the the first two projects (tribute page and survey form) and after sending them i can’t see them anymore. There is a way to visualize all the projects?

Welcome, Stefano.

In general, you can find your projects in your profile’s settings page: Settings |

Otherwise, if you have the correct profile settings enabled, you can view them on your profile page.

Hope this helps

what do you mean that you can’t see them anymore?

have you forked the given pen to your codepen account to ave the projects?

Thanks, now I found the solutions of my projects but when I open them they are empty, I did not know that the fork should be done. When I finished the project I copied the link to the solution link box and sent the test as the instructions said. Even if I passed the tests correctly, is there a way to recover my solutions? Thanks for the support.

No, i didn’t know it had to be done.

If you did not fork the given CodePen boilerplate, and submitted the boilerplate link, then there is nothing freeCodeCamp can do to recover the solutions.

Potentially, if you go to your browser history, and return to the project on the same browser/computer, you might fined the changes cached. Otherwise, you will need to redo the projects, off of a fork of the boilerplate.

Hope this clarifies.

thanks man. Now it’s all clear and tomorrow I will redo the first two projects, luckily they were quite simple hahaha