Can kotlin be used for ios?

I am an Android Developer Kotlin language as the dev tool. I would like to venture into ios in the near future without learning swift, objective C etc

Can Koltin be used for iOS? Looks like it.

Yes, Kotlin can be used to develop applications for iOS. Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that can be used to develop applications for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, web, and desktop.

To use Kotlin to develop applications for iOS, you will need to install the Kotlin/Native compiler and the necessary tools for iOS development, such as Xcode. You can then use Kotlin to write your iOS applications in the same way that you would use Swift or Objective-C.

One of the advantages of using Kotlin for iOS development is that it allows you to share code between your iOS and Android applications, which can save time and effort when developing applications for multiple platforms. Kotlin also offers a number of features, such as null safety and higher-order functions, that can make your code more concise and easier to read.

Overall, Kotlin is a powerful and flexible language that can be used to develop applications for iOS, as well as other platforms. If you are interested in using Kotlin for iOS development, you can find more information and resources in the official Kotlin documentation and other online resources.

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