Can not found counted challenges

I am using FCC for a few months to learn some new skills , but now I don’t know what happend, but i am quit from the testing(I was on the 197th lesson/test). I cant go back there to continue, in the curriculum I can see that I’ve done 197 coding challenge and there is a list with the challenges, but I can’t find the way back where my progression will be counted again. PLs help me!

You can go to whichever lesson you want to do next from

Hey! I observed that I can navigate between lessons, but I want to go back where my lessons were counted… thx for your answer!

The first lesson in some of the categories are the only ones that aren’t getting marked as solved. The rest should all work.


I was suppose to submit my second completed project, however upon submission, i could not track my counted progress.
A batch of 3 new tick and accept conditions came up and the layout changed from what it was previously.
So,now i dont know what is the progress (number wise). Some clarification would be appreciated.

Looking at your public portfolio will show you your brownie points (the number that used to be in the top-right corner).

Going to the welcome page,, will show you how many lessons you have completed.


The curriculum page,, will show you which lessons in each section you haven't submitted yet.