Completed challenges code not saved and profile map stuck on 2015

Though FCC is giving me a checkmark for completed challenges it isn’t saving the code so when I go back to it through the portofolio page the code is the original code for the challege. Also the map that displays days I have been working is showing 2015 and no way to see current streak.

Thanks for any help with this.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. On your portfolio I see 6 completed lessons today and about a dozen from yesterday.

It shows them completed but when you go to them the corresponding code I wrote is no longer there. Does freecodecamp not save your code from the challenges anymore?

The ability to view solutions in your portfolio isn’t working right now, but it will.

So they are currently being saved but not shown? They will appear at some future date?

Thank you for your help

I would like to bring up this topic again: Are the challenges being completed now being saved?

I really wish they are, as I would like to go back and review my solutions (or at least a model solution, neither of which shows up when I open a completed challenge at the moment.). In addition to this, it would be good to get the saved solutions of the challenges solved before the migration.

Looking at your public portfolio will show you your brownie points (the number that used to be in the top-right corner). It will also list all of the completed lessons.

Going to the welcome page,, will show you how many lessons you have completed.


The curriculum page,, will show you which lessons in each section you haven't submitted yet.


Yes. When you complete a lesson it will be marked as completed on the curriculum map and will show up as your most recent completed lesson on your portfolio.

I am sorry, I was not clear in my question. What I meant to ask was whether the solutions of the challenges we are completing now are being saved? i.e., Will I be able to see what solution I put together to a given challenge if I click on it in two months’ time?

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There is an open GitHub Issue for the fact that the View Solutions buttons don’t work. I’m not sure if the plan is to make “View Solutions” available for all lessons or not. Your solutions will be stored in your browser’s storage, but that can’t be relied on long-term.

@ArielLeslie In the interim, are you able to provide a convenient method for us to retrieve a dump of the solutions from the browser? I’m finding that its really breaking my flow having to continually select, copy, tab, paste, tab, in order to store them.

It might not seem like a big deal, but on top of writing my own notes on what I’m learning each day I’m finding it dampening my enthusiasm having to repeatedly do an admin task for every lesson.

It is more efficient to be able to work on a number of lessons, then spend a few minutes copy and pasting them in blocks. rather than constantly be doing it.

Couldn’t you just add a button to the lesson which places the contents of the lesson and code window into the copy buffer in a simply formatted way? At least then it would literally just be a case of tab-paste-tab?

edit: I’m not trying to be unpleasant as I really love FCC and appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing to provide a free resource, but its extremely bad manners to respond to a user like this:

  1. Nope. I’m at my real job, answering as many forum questions as I can when by code is building.
  2. It would probably take longer to implement an new feature than to get the fix in for viewing solutions
  3. Unless your browser settings or an extension are preventing FCC from writing to your browser’s storage, then your solutions are being saved there and will automatically populate if you go back to a previous challenge. So if you want to do batches, as you describe, then you can do a batch of lessons and then go back through them in your browser and do a bunch of copy-pastes.
  4. You could also write a script or a macro to make the copy -> tab -> paste -> save -> tab be a single button click.
  5. The Guide section of the forum has solutions many of the lessons. You can always reference those.
  6. On a personal opinion note, you’re probably going to a lot of effort for very little reward. For some of the more difficult and complex challenges, I encourage campers to have their own copies of the solution, ideally with version control. For the ones that you can go through relatively quickly anyway, I don’t think that you gain much by having a copy of the solution. Sure, we all look back at what we’ve done before to remember the details of something we haven’t done recently but the answer you need is probably in the lesson description itself and if it’s not, actually quickly redoing the lesson will probably go a lot further in getting these things into memory.
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  1. I genuinely appreciate the efforts you put in as a volunteer, especially if you’re fitting it in during work hours. I meant more is such a thing possible, not demanding that you do it personally. But in fact your answers have given me the solutions I needed.

  2. That’s fair enough - I just noticed that when we highlight text in the forum it pops up a quote button which does an auto copy, format, and paste so thought it might have been a simple fix.

  3. Yeah, my solutions disappear immediately - didn’t realise it might have something to do with browser settings or an extension. I’ll have a fiddle around.

  4. I’d completely forgotten about macros tbh, there’s a lot of things I could use those for to make my life easier :+1:

  5. I’ll have a dig around in there, I don’t think I’ve been in.

  6. That’s a really good point, thanks. It’s been a long time since I was back in education and I’m not very confident with how to learn, so think I’ve been letting myself get bogged down in the details.

You’ve just made my day much better!

Glad to help. Happy coding!

I am having a similar problem where the public profile does not update with the challenge date.
I just completed 3 challenges but my profile shows the last challenge completed on July 17, 2017