Can one link a button css stylesheet?

I was trying to use a linked stylesheet to style buttons.
is this even possible?
the Pen…

the stylesheet ( just a saved text file on github?)

thanx for any help or explanation.

It appears that your text file is encoded as text/plain whereas the browser wants a text/css format. It appears your stylesheet is not loading at all.
I found a post on StackOverflow that might help:

Found something really cool. You get the raw link as:
Simply fetch the files from (or ) instead of and DONE!
You can also use if you want to serves raw files directly from Bitbucket or GitLab

So, your link would become

P.S: For styling buttons i just use an <a> element with display: block;, because it’s more cross-compatible (but if this works for you that’s fine; just a personal preference!)

Most Excellent! tysm :slight_smile:

I wish i could learn to use the debug console better heh.

Any idea how people use js libraries hosted on git?
i tried a js solution and could not get it to load either ?

the pen: ( working now with the alt site !)

the js on git:
Blocked -

Raw -

found an alt since rawgit is shutting down: