Can python replace JS ? And does anyone learn AI?

What do you think? Can python replace JS ?
And does anyone learn AI ? I’m thrilled to learn about AI develompent. Is anyone in this sphere? And what language do you use, python?

python does not run on browsers.

I surfed the net, some people say it can, some it cant… Well, i don’t know literally anything about python…
So answer is no…

Just what we need, we brought javascript to the server, now lets bring python to the browser! Haha.

I’ve been looking to get into AI. From what I’ve read, the reason Python is used in AI more than JS is because Python has many existing libraries in place which are well sported, documented and have large communities.

In terms of performance, I’m not sure which is better for AI.

I am in the same boat. I wanted to get into AI and machine learning. My first choice was Python for that. But I also wanted to do some web design, and there JavaScript seemed like the best choice.

However, even though there are more libraries for Python, the amount for JavaScript is growing fast, form what I understood. So it’s only a matter of time. I eventually decided to go for JavaScript, with the option to get into Python if JavaScript proved to be useless for AI/machine learning.

Python was the first language I learned. It most definitely cannot and is not supposed to replace JS.
Tl;dr Python is big in AI. I go to Carnegie Mellon, big into ML and its well liked. But learning new languages is not a big issue. Don’t spend significant time optimizing what you learn if all you have to go off of are other peoples opinions. This means you dont know enough yet.

JS was designed for the browser, and is thus uniquely well suited for it (with Node its now expanded beyond just a browser language).
Python was designed for scripting (think backend stuff and things that go beyond the web, like crunching lots of numbers, or maybe the logic of a videogame), and to be very easy to use.

Python is very popular for data science and Machine Learning because it is easy to use and its performance is pretty good. As you may be figuring out, community drives a language as they are the ones who maintain it and make it better, so thats also a big reason why python is big in those circles. Same thing goes as to why JS is big for web, it has the adoption, so new devs learn it, so its more adopted, and so on.

Language Advice (IMO):
If you’re still reading, as someone who’s learned Python, C, SML (kinda like haskell), and a bit of Java and C#, I would say just focus on one language to learn how to solve problems with code (combining data structures and algorithms to solve a problem). Don’t read too much into trends and opinions in the beginning, these things are not much use to you if you don’t have a firm grasp on programming. Eventually, you can transition from one language to another, and you’ll learn about what generalizes to all languages and what is language specific. At the end of the day the important stuff, the things that require skill, always transfer. The superficial things like syntax and some quirks (all fact-based), can be quickly picked up in a week or so if you need, once you know how to code.

I choose a language because it is a good tool for the problem or, if I’m under pressure, because it is the tool I know, and picking amongst tools is not building. If you’re interested in learning AI, Python has the libraries for it. But again, if you learn the fundamental concepts, then switching from one to another won’t be a big deal. honestly the danger here is spending too much time worrying about it, I definitely feel like I wasted a lot of time trying to optimize the things I learned, without learning anything.

Sorry for the long post. :slight_smile:


That’s what I read also. I will go with Python for sure.

I will go with Python and we will see how it is, maybe we will cross paths soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for long post.
That’s what I concluded, for me its pointless to learn more than one language in the same time, its useless. I’ll go with python very soon, because im so so enthusiastic about AI. I saw that some guy made a smart house with Alexa( it’s not like Jarvis in Iron man of course, but its awesome) and that fascinates me. The disappointment is that there is no school or an adequate professors for AI in my country, of course we have school about ML and this schools are very very hard to finish, its like Harvard, and i dont have time because i can’t quit my job…
Cheers :beers:

python can and will.