Can some one please explain what is going on

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wht is the test not running

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// Only change code below this line

var remainder;
remainder = 11 % 3=2

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Challenge: Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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The tests are running, but your code is not correct.

remainder = 11 % 3=2

This line contains two assignment operators (=) and the second one is invalid.
You are also missing a semicolon (;).

explain what you men by two assignment operators

What, in your own words, have you been asked to assign to remainder?

The equal sign (=), when there’s only one, assigns the value on the right out the equals to the thing on the left.

So remainder = 11 would work fine, as would remainder = 11 % 3. But javascript sees the statement you have, and reads it a you trying to set the value 2 (to the right of that second equal) into… 3 (the thing to it’s immediate left).

Does 3 equal 2? 3 isn’t a valid variable, it’s a number… So javascript errors out.

This symbol = is the assignment operator. It puts the value on the right into the variable on the left. You have two of them. The second one doesn’t make any sense.