Finding a Remainder in JavaScript confused

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So im getting
11 % 3 = 2;
because 3 goes into 11 3 times which gives you 9 and theres 2 left over.

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// Only change code below this line

var remainder;
11 % 3 = 2;

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Basically, yeah.

Visit this link for more information about understanding The Modulus Operator

If that is actually your code, there are two misunderstandings:

  • JavaScript is not maths, = is the assignment operator, not equals. It assigns the value on the right hand side to the identifier on the left: var example = 2 assigns 2 to the identifier example.
  • you are not being asked to write out the answer. Yes, the answer is 2, but the point of programming is making the computer do things for you, you don’t need to tell it the answer, the point is that JS will calculate it for you.