Finding a Remainder in JavaScript help me pease

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// Only change code below this line

var remainder;
var %;
remainder = 2;
 % = remainder;

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So it explains the remainder operator, % (which i always called the modulus but…), and how it is used to return any remainder. So

321 % 100 = ?

tried it , not still working

var remainder = ••••• % •••••;

What do you suppose they want for the two missing values?

var %;

% is not a valid variable name, it is an operator. It can only do one thing, it’s operation.

% = remainder

You did it again, remember what i said about the left-hand side? You can not assign values to operators, they are what they are and you can not change their meaning.

You can’t do this (luckily).

var +;
var -;
+ = -;

Example of assignments of operations.

var valueOfAddition = 5 + 5;
var valueOfSubtraction = 10 - 5;
var valueOfRemainder = 10 % 2;

Side note: There is some unfortunate use of the = sign in the assignment text which I would like to change, possibly to the word is. At this point in the learning process, i think we should avoid using = to mean equal to.

@snowmonkey, I thought the same thing at first:

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