Can some one suggest me some projects on JavaScript?

I am not very much well-verse with java script , these days I am seeking internship in companies which are hiring java script developer . I am familiar with few concepts .Please suggest me project with detail description based on only following concepts. Please note that it should be not very complicated but worth to make it as i would be adding it to my portfolio.

  1. Variables
    4.For loop
    5.While loop.
    Waiting for suggestions.

The calculator project in the front end curriculum relies on these ideas, but you might not like the HTML/CSS element of it.

One fun thing to play around with is encoders / decrypters - like the ROT13 challenge, but you can extend it to take different arguments to use a different offset as the code key.

The website offers good algorithm challenges that serve as mini projects, too.

Aside from that, the projects in the rest of the FCC curriculum are worth doing. They will all teach you something and give you a nice portfolio.

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