In what sequence should I do the Intermediate Front End Development Projects?

Hi everybody. I am new in free code camp and I really enjoy coding. I think I made quite progresses in learning javascript and now I would like to learn how to use javascript in web developing.
Is there anyone who could give me suggestions about the first steps to follow in order to achieve my target.

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Please check out the map and start from the beginning.

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Have you completed all of the JavaScript challenges within FCC?

Yes, I have completed all the basic algorithms. Actually I don’t really know how to continue my training. Did you have any suggestions?

A natural next step would be to register on if you haven’t already and build a quote machine. That’s probably the easiest intermediate front end project. If you have no idea how to start, it will probably help if you take a look at the project feedback category of this forum. This is where many other campers post links to their projects.

Think of something you want to build with whatever language you are wanting to continue learning in ( maybe a website with user login and a lot of JavaScript functionality ) then break something and fix it. That’s how you will learn and get better in my opinion :slight_smile: