Without looking at example how to finish Intermediate Front End Development Projects

Hi everyone,

I finished practice on HTML5 and CSS, Responsive design, jQuery and Basic Javascript. But I still need more skills in JavaScript and JQuery. Without looking at an example so how do I complete Intermediate Front End Development Projects (100 hours):

  • Build a Random Quote Machine
  • Show the Local Weather
  • Build a Wikipedia Viewer
  • Use the Twitch.tv JSON API

Therefore, it can be a very hard challenge. I just saw video that I need to build a project without looking at example. I cannot see any support, how and where to start and finish when I work on these projects. This is weird that FreeCodeCamp wants you to practice on basic examples, and then move you to create a project which can be different from what I did in previous practice. This is not an easy way to finish when building real-world projects if there is no support, no sample and no examples. However, I will be doing lots of research which will take a long way to understand and finish these projects. But I’ve fundamental experience. It will be frustrating as well while working on project alone. Then, come here asking for questions to support, so some people will understand your question and some of them cannot gets you easily.

Thank you

Every project that you do on FCC will require you to do research on your own. You’ll have to figure out what you need to learn about and find resources. Each successive project will require more independence than the one before. We’re not completely throwing you out of the nest though. As you are working on finding and understanding the tools that you need, we’ll be right here to help you find answers to the questions that come up.