Project user stories not referencing anything we have learned

I have finished all the challenges for HTML and CSS that freecodecamp provides, but the projects listed continuously ask for things that were never covered in the material. How am I supposed to do these projects with what information was given? If I start studying JavaScript will I be able to do the Responsive Web Design Projects? (Just a side note, the Tribute page I could do, and a few basic form entries, but beyond that was never covered!!! Dropdown menus, HTML validation errors, etc).

Hello there,

freeCodeCamp has never advertised itself as the only material you will ever need for web development. Also, throughout the curriculum, freeCodeCamp encourages the Read-Search-Ask methodology.

  • Read the lesson material, and the guides/news articles available
  • Search the interweb for more information, best practices, more advanced methods
  • Ask on the forum, if you get stuck after the above two

You will need a lot of external resources, the further through the curriculum you go.

Hope this clarifies.


You don’t need JavaScript at all to pass any of the Responsive Web Design Projects. But you do have to research some things for yourself (not a lot in my opinion). You can also look at the example projects to get some more help.

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You can also use this great source to help you with issues you encounter