Can someone give me a hand?

As the title says , im just about finished my survey project and ive run into a problem. Ive tried everything and read everything but im still getting an error about my radio buttons. I added values watched videos scoured forums and i still cannot figure it out. If someone could please tell me what im doing wrong that would be great! Here is the project!

All of your radio buttons need a value attribute. This is how a submitted form knows which radio button was selected. For example, here’s one of your buttons:

<input type="radio" id="falco" name="character">

You can correct this by giving it a value attribute, in this case:

<input type="radio" id="falco" value="falco" name="character">

You’ll need to repeat this for all the rest of your radio buttons – you can probably use the id for all of them.

okay i will try this , thank you so much!

So ive done that but its still giving me the same error

Nevermind haha thank you again