Radio buttons are not passing test in Survey Project

  <label for="location">
    <input id="location" value="location" type="radio" name="location-studio">Location</label>
<label for="studio">
  <input id="studio" value="studio" type="radio" name="location-studio">Studio</label>
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Hello @thegirlyoucallryan, welcome to FCC. Do you mind posting your entire code so we can see what error message you’re getting?

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Ahh, okay. I see the issue. You’re missing values for your radio buttons at the bottom (recommendations).

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at the bottom? ive been changing it around, i havent figured it out yet.

You need to add values for your radio buttons in the recommend section. Like this…

<label for="recommend"><input id="recommend" type ="radio" name ="recommend" value="XXXXX"checked>Highly likely</label>

omg! I was only changing one set!
Thank you so much!

Hi @thegirlyoucallryan , I see that you have solved the problem, good job! :clap: :clap:

Although the error is already resolved, I want to tell you how the test itself was informing you about the error, so you can take advantage of that information next time. :wink:

The error message from test no. 13 indicated why you couldn’t pass it:

Your form had 5 radio-buttons, but only 2 of them had the value attribute.

Test error messages help us find where the problem is, they are very useful. :wink: :muscle:

Cheers and happy coding! :heart: :keyboard: