Can someone look at my page

Can someone look at my Steve Jobs tribute page and give me feedback:

Hi, there- I took a look at your page. The first thing I noticed is that the photo is showing up under the text which makes the text very hard to read.

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Firstly it’s a good start, secondly, the text is over the photo, I know you don’t want it to look like that but you probably couldn’t fix it. the only solution is to work on your positioning, try to understand how to position things on page, it’s really important.

Woah that’s not how im seeing my page lol, is there reason as to why it’s showing up like that.

Hi! I like the design and colors!
I think the problem with the image and the text is with the margin-top in the “vertical-bar” and “biography” classes. It changes the position of the text so it is on the image, but if you remove it or change it, it might work better.
Another thing that you can try is to use the bootstrap grid to place the biography and the list you have so they will be next to each other, in one div.
I hope it helps!

Ok i tired using the bootstrap grid system and it’s looking good on my side I was wondering if anyone can confirm that.